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With our extensive selection of countertop alternatives, you can improve the appearance and use of your kitchen. Our countertops are made to withstand the demands of regular service and be aesthetically pleasing.

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Wide Selection of Countertop Options

Emcab Kitchens works with local and top Countertop Manufacturers to provide countertops at affordable prices. We will help with selection during the design process factoring in color scheme not only for cabinets but flooring and overall area.

While we work with all countertop formats of countertops from Laminate to Granite, our most popular and top sellers include:

Here's what you can expect:

Laminate Countertops

Laminate is a versatile material, constructed from multiple layers of firmly pressed paper. This process results in a slim, firm sheet that is user-friendly for most applications. Typically, this sheet is adhered to a wooden base, commonly used for countertops. Its affordability and ease of maintenance make it a popular option for kitchen surfaces

Midnight Stone
Butter Rum Granite
Ivory Kashmire
Sierra Cascade
Arctic Snow
Italian White Di Pesco


Quartz countertops are surfaces constructed from engineered stone. They merge the exceptional qualities of natural stone with contemporary manufacturing techniques.

This culminates in a surface that rivals, and frequently surpasses, the aesthetic appeal of granite and marble, while providing enhanced resilience.

Granite primarily consists of natural quartz and feldspar along with hints of amphiboles, mica, and various other organic minerals. In their initial stages, your granite countertops were nothing more than molten magma. The unique color and designs found in each granite variety stem from its specific mineral makeup.

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